Academic Technology

UNH Academic Software Applications

The Academic Technology division of UNH IT along with various departments has purchased several software packages for use by the entire campus. These applications are being used by faculty and students to enhance existing courses through the use of computer technology.

Many of these applications are available from central servers run by the Academic Computing Systems staff. The software can be used by any person on the UNH campus whose computer meets the specifications for the particular application. In addition, you must have a properly configured campus network connection to your computer. Wired Ethernet connections on campus as well as the "unh-highspeed" wireless network meet this requirement.

The "unhwireless" network and off-campus access to the Internet are not sufficient to access and use most of these programs. For wireless, please switch to the "unh-highspeed" network instead. If you are off-campus, you must connect via the UNH network VPN. Off-campus connections also require a suitably fast Internet connection such as DSL or cable modem. If you have questions about network connections, please contact the IT Service Desk at 862-4242.

Available Applications

Use the links in the Windows, Macintosh, and Unix columns to access installation and use instructions that particular program and platform.

Program Description/Uses Windows Macintosh Unix
Amos Structural equation modeling Amos 21 See Below N/A
ArcGIS Geographic information systems and mapping

ArcGIS Desktop 10 See Below N/A
Finale Musical annotation and composition Finale 2011 Finale 2011 N/A
iLife and iWork Suite of media and productivity tools (now free from Apple) N/A iLife and iWork N/A
JMP Statistical analysis and graphing JMP 11 JMP 11 N/A
Note: JMP for Linux has been discontinued by the publisher.
Logger Pro Data collection and analysis Logger Pro 3.8 Logger Pro 3.8 N/A
Maple Mathematics and computation system Maple 18 Maple 18 Maple 18
Mathematica Mathematics and computation system Mathematica 9.0.0 Mathematica 9.0.0 Mathematica 9.0.0
MATLAB and Simulink Mathematics and computation system, modeling, programming Matlab R2014b Matlab R2014b Matlab R2014b
Odyssey Virtual chemistry laboratory Odyssey 4 Odyssey 4 N/A
OS X Apple's computer operating system (now free from Apple) N/A OS X N/A
Qualtrics Web-based application for survey creation and administrator and survey response analysis Qualtrics Qualtrics Qualtrics
Read&Write Gold Assistive technology, text to speech, support tools for reading, writing, research, and studying Read&Write Gold 11 Read&Write Gold 6 N/A
SAS System Data analysis, statistics, and programming SAS 9.4 See Below N/A
Sibelius Musical annotation and composition Sibelius 7.5 Sibelius 7.5


Spartan Molecular modeling package Spartan Student 5 Spartan Student 5 N/A
SPSS Statistical analysis and graphing SPSS Statistics 22 SPSS Statistics 22 SPSS Statistics 22
Stata Statistical analysis Small Stata 10 See Below N/A

Note for Macintosh Users: Although programs like SAS and Small Stata are only licensed by UNH IT for the Windows platform, Macintosh users can use a virtual environment such as Parallels Desktop or VMWare Fusion to run Windows on their Intel-based Macintosh systems or setup a dual-boot environment via BootCamp.